UiPath Release Notes


Release Date: 12th February 2018

Bug Fixes


  • The Add Transaction Item no longer returns an existing work item instead of the newly added one if the reference contains more than 128 characters.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Dashboard from displaying information if you were logged in as user which had all the necessary rights.


  • Starting a job on a Robot while the interactive session of the user was in a long logout state caused the Robot service to fail. This is fixed by assuming that the job is delayed until the Robot can login to the Virtual Machine again.
  • In rare cases, a job failed to start and prevented you from starting other jobs on the Robot machine until it was restarted.
  • Starting the same workflow on two different Robots from the same machine threw a ‘requested resource is in use’ error on the second Robot. This occured if you used the Invoke Workflow File activity with the Isolated property, and if one of the Robot users was a domain one, and the other a local one.
  • In some cases, an unexpected error occurred if the Robot was interacting with a web page, and you used the Parallel activity.


  • The VirtualName attribute was added to a selector when working with Java apps and was removed because it is not a recommended attribute to build selectors with.
  • Java Applet UI elements were not recognized in UiPath Explorer if the page was refreshed.
  • UI elements in Java applications were not identifiable if the window needed to be scrolled in order to reach them.
  • Java Applet selectors could not be retrieved, throwing an error.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a large amount of unused activity packages to be downloaded when installing a new activity package.
  • In some Java-based automation instances memory garbage was created due to an OpenJDK issue.


  • Using the Send Hotkey and Click activities did not send commands properly to the targeted application window.
  • In some cases, an out of memory exception was thrown if your workflow dealt with repeated operations on large images.


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