UiPath Release Notes


Release Date: 23th January 2017



  • Now you can no longer modify active Robots, but only offline or unresponsive ones.
  • The performance of the Jobs page has been improved.


  • Alerts for misfired schedules were displayed with Orchestrator's hour if Orchestrator and the Robots registered to it were in different time zones.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from creating tenants.
  • You were not logged out of your Orchestrator session if you deleted the user you were logged in with.



  • Robots (2016.2) appeared as Available if you started a job from Orchestrator 2016.1, while the job was still being executed.
  • Log messages with the Trace level from Studio 2016.2 were not sent to Orchestrator 2016.1.
  • The available processes were displayed in the UiPath Robot (2016.2) system tray window only if you started a job from Orchestrator (2016.1).
  • Robots connected to Orchestrator experienced some delay if you started an action from Studio and the connection with Orchestrator was down.



  • The Show All button from the Project panel did not correctly display all available files from the opened project.
  • The context menu for Output properties was not displayed if multiple workflows were open in the same time.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from copying and pasting the name and value of variables and arguments from the Variables and Arguments panels.
  • You could not open a project folder if any of the directories from its path contained a comma.
  • Opening a large project when you were connected to a source control is now faster.



  • If the Microsoft OCR engine threw an exception, an error was displayed stating that the UiPath.Vision.Host crashed and the workflow stopped.
  • UI automation activities ignored the TimeoutMS property when the target application was in an unresponsive state for Internet Explorer.
  • Image activities ignored the TimeoutMS property.
  • The Add Log Fields activity changed the name of custom fields to camel case.
  • The WordsInfo collection retrieved with the Get OCR Text activity was empty.


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