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Overview of menus and dashboards


Each menu item in a process app based on the Order-to-Cash app template offers different dashboards containing information and analysis functionality that is focused on a specific area of the Order-to-Cash process. The dashboards contain charts that can present the data in various ways.

Menus and dashboards

The Order-to-Cash app template contains the following default menus and related dashboards.

See the illustration below for the Summary dashboard of the Summary menu.


Showing or hiding the menu

When you open the Order-to-Cash process app, the menu is displayed by default. Follow this step to hide the menu.

  1. Click on the image button.

Context information

Context information for the charts and KPIs from Order-to-Cash process app is available by hovering over a chart. See the illustration below for an example.


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Overview of menus and dashboards

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