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Managing access for process apps



To manage permissions for individual process apps, you must have Manage access permission for the particular process apps. When you have created a process app, you will automatically be granted Manage access permissions for the app.


In Process Mining you can grant access to process apps for users and groups. Based on the permissions, users who are granted access can edit, view, or delete process apps, or manage access for process apps.



By default, users who belong to a group inherit the access permissions as defined for the group. When editing the permissions for the user, you cannot lower the permissions for the user.

Below is an overview of the different permissions that can be set for users or groups.

Manage accessThe user, or users in the group, can manage access for the app.
EditThe user, or users in the group, can edit the app, upload data, and publish the app.
ViewThe user, or users in the group, can view the app.
DeleteThe user, or users in the group, can delete the app.



Edit permission includes View permission. When you assign Edit permission to a user or a group of users, the View permission is selected automatically for these user or users. Similarly, when you remove the View permission, the Edit permission is removed automatically.


When you select a (set of) permissions for a group, the permissions are automatically selected for the individual users who belong to the group.



You cannot change inherited permissions. However, you can grant additional permissions.

Roles and permissions

Although you can select the permissions as desired, it can be useful to assign permissions based on the user's role. Below is an overview of the permissions that are relevant for the different roles.

RoleManage accessEditViewDelete
Business userimageimageimageNo image
DeveloperimageimageimageYes image
AdministratorimageimageimageNo image

Managing app permissions

Follow these steps to define app permissions.

  1. Go to the Process Apps tab in the Process Mining portal and locate the app for which you want to define permissions.

  2. Click on image in the actions column of the process app and select Manage permissions.

The App permissions page is displayed, showing the app permissions for all groups and users.

Note that the Manage permission option is only enabled for apps for which you have Manage access permission.

  1. Locate the group or user for which you want to edit the permissions and click on image.

  2. Select the appropriate app permissions for the group or user and click on Save.



When defining app permissions for users, make sure that the licenses that are needed to perform the role are available.

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Managing access for process apps

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