UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

Enabling Process Mining

Enabling Process Mining in Automation Suite

Process Mining is provided as part of the Automation Suite complete profile, hence it is enabled automatically. To disable Process Mining, follow the Advanced installation experience guide.

Access to Automation Suite

To start using the Process Mining service you need an Automation Suite account. See About accounts for more details.

Tenants and services



It is recommended to add a separate tenant for your Process Mining instance as it is easier to manipulate and supervise after setting up and launching Process Mining process apps.

The Process Mining service that allows you to manage and set up process apps must be enabled on each of the tenants where the Process Mining service will be used.



Process Mining is a tenant-level service signifying that each tenant's data is segregated. This means that you need to enable the service for each of the tenants where this is needed.

Enabling the Process Mining service

To start using Process Mining in Automation Suite, you must enable the Process Mining service on a selected tenant. Follow these steps to enable the Process Mining services on a tenant.

  1. Log in to Automation Suite in with your UiPath account.

  2. Click on Admin to display the list of available tenants and enable the service for an already existing tenant.

  3. Locate the tenant for which you want to enable the Process Mining service.

  4. Click on the Services tile.
    The Services page for the tenant opens, showing the services that are currently provisioned.

  5. Click on Add Services at the top right.



The button is only available if you have not already provisioned all services.

  1. Select the Process Mining checkbox in the Add Service panel.

  2. Click on Add.

The Add Services panel closes and the tenant is briefly unavailable while the Process Mining service is being provisioned. When finished, the Process Mining service is displayed on the Services page. See the illustration below for an example.


When accessing the newly created/updated tenant, the Process Mining service is displayed on the left-hand side panel.


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Enabling Process Mining

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