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SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne 21.4.0

Release date: June 7th 2021



The SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne 21.4.0 needs UiPath Process Mining version 2021.4 or higher.

New Features

Automation estimates

The new event attributes Event cost and Event processing time are added to the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne, which can be used to store estimation data on event costs and processing time per activity. To provide the estimations, the separate Automation estimates.csv file in the workspace should be filled in.

See Adding Automation Estimates




The SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.3 is renamed to SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne 21.4.0, whereas the application code and application name also changed.

The application code for the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne 21.4.0 is SAP_O2C_DA_Connector instead of SAP_O2C_Connector.

This change will affect any scripts you run to call the connector by using the application code. You must update the scripts with the new application code.


The SAP Order-to-Cash Connector is renamed to SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne to indicate that it is intended for use with AppOne.

Version number

The version number is now in line with the version of Process Mining on which the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne is released.

Document graph rename

The Document graph folder and table in 3. Event log creation are now called Entity relations to better reflect its purpose. All references have also been changed accordingly.

Future dates also taken into account

The No dates after now option is switched off by default for period filters. This implies that future data also will be displayed. For example, sales orders that are planned are now also visible.

SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.3

Release date: March 23rd 2021


CDPOS Filtering

Added extra filtering for the changelog to limit the number of records loaded from CDPOS.

Currency conversion

The exchange rate type which is used calculate currency conversion can now be specified in the Exchange rate type expression in the Output folder in the Connector_settings table.

Payment duplication fix

The field "INDEX_CLR" is added as an input field for the BSE_CLR table to identify unique payments.

SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.2

Release date: January 27th 2021

New Features

Loading data via ODBC

It is now possible to load data from SAP via an ODBC connection.
See Loading data via an ODBC connection


Payment terms

Four extra attributes are extracted from the BSID table to also have the payment terms information available for open accounting documents.

Filtering on Nation

The joins of User_name and User_address are adjusted such that Nation with value null will be incorporated.

Reference models

Two standard reference models are defined for the Order-to-Cash process: one representing the execution of the main process and one representing the execution of the process in which a down payment request is involved.

Case owner attribute

The attribute Case owner has been added in the output of cases_base. This attribute is an optional input attribute for AppOne.

Anonymized user names

By default, user names are now anonymized in the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector data. When the actual names of users are needed, this can be defined in the User expression in the Events_preprocessing table.

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SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne 21.4.0

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