UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

User Roles


Typically, the following roles are involved in UiPath Process Mining:

  • System Administrator
  • Application Developer
  • Business User / Business Analyst

System Administrator

The System Administrator:

  • is responsible for setup and maintenance of the UiPath Process Mining platform;
  • usually is a technical person working in the IT-department;
  • needs direct server access.

App Developer

App developers:

  • develop and deploy apps for Business Users / Business Analysts;
  • must have technical expertise for handling data and creating dashboards;
  • must have access to all data sources.

Business User / Business Analyst

Business users/analysts

  • are the end-users for the apps created by Application developers;
  • only have access to data that is needed, where role-based access to data is possible;
  • do not need technical expertise.

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User Roles

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