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The Superadmin Page


The Superadmin page is the environment for developers to collaboratively develop, maintain and deploy apps. It offers functionality for configuration, version control, user management, server diagnosis, and more. See the illustration below.


Below is a description of the tabs of the Superadmin page.

WorkspacesEnables you to create and manage your personal workspaces.
Development dataContains the published datasets that can be used in your apps. This can be output datasets from the connector or uploaded datasets.
ReleasesEnables you to manage and deploy releases to different environments. Moreover, you can create users and manage their access rights here.
Released dataContains an overview of available data instances for all environments. Moreover, you can generate caches here.
BuildsEnables you to upload and manage UiPath Process Mining builds.
Server dataContains all data files uploaded to the server by the developers.
SettingsEnables you to configure UiPath Process Mining by specifying different server settings. Moreover, you can define the repositories that can be used for storage by developers here.
Superadmin usersEnables you to create and manage accounts for developers.
StatusEnables you to start a server diagnostic run to detect any server issues. Lists all recent diagnostic runs.
LicenseEnables you to activate your UiPath Process Mining license and displays relevant license information.

Log in

App developers can log in to UiPath Process Mining with a user account:

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The Superadmin Page

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