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The Overview – Dashboard dashboard can be used to get a global overview of the data. It provides information on how many cases happen over time, how many variations there are, and how often they occur. See illustration below.


Context information

The context bar at the top of the Overview - Dashboard dashboard displays context information and KPI's.
Below is a description of the elements of the context bar.

VariantsThe number of various process paths different cases have taken from end to end.

A variant is a specific path through the process, a set of activities that were taken in a specific order. Usually, several cases have followed the same variant.
Average throughput timeThe average throughput time for the end-to-end process.
Total valueThe total value of the cases.
Number of casesThe total number of cases.

Dashboards charts

Below is a description of the dashboard charts of the Overview - Dashboard.

CasesA history graph that displays the number of cases over the selected period of time.
VariantsDisplays the process variants that occur most frequently.
ActivitiesDisplays all activities and the percentage of cases in which they occur. It also shows the total number of cases.
Events per caseDisplays the percentage of cases containing a certain number of events.

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Menu Overview

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