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Sending Automation Ideas to UiPath Automation Hub


Different UiPath products work together to discover, investigate and build automation and communicate process improvements. UiPath Automation Hub is used to turn ideas for automation that are discovered from UiPath Process Mining into real automated implementations. If UiPath Process Mining is set up for integration with UiPath Automation Hub you can send ideas for process improvements that are subject for automation directly from the Process Graph to UiPath Automation Hub.
In UiPath Automation Hub the idea will be investigated and processed. Once the automation is built, the impact should become visible in UiPath Process Mining.

Submitting Automation Ideas

When you identify a bottleneck in your process while monitoring, for example when a manual activity takes a long time to be executed, you might want to send a request to automate the activity to UiPath Automation Hub. You can do this directly from the Process Graph.

Follow these steps to submit a request for automation and send it to UiPath Automation Hub.

1In the Process Graph, right click on the activity that you identify as a possible candidate for automation.
2Select Submit as automation idea... from the context menu.
The Submit As Automation Idea dialog is displayed. See illustration below.
3Enter the required details for the automation request.
See below for a description of the fields.
4Click on SEND.



Be careful when completing the fields in the Submit As Automation Idea dialog since the values submitted may have an impact on the automation potential or determining the ease of automation.


You can also select an activity and click on the icon at the top of the Process Graph to open the Submit As Automation Idea dialog.




If you have a process graph filter active, for example Select cases that pass through this activity, the activity is automatically selected as the activity for the automation idea when you click on the
Send to Automation Hub icon. See also Process graph filters.

Send to Automation Hub dialog

The Send to Automation Hub dialog enables you to provide input for the Detailed Assessment of the automation idea to be sent to UiPath Automation Hub. Some of the fields already have a prefilled value, but you can change them according to your needs.



The fields listed below are in the UiPath Automation Hub default assessment questions. In the Automation Hub Detailed Assessment the default questions are customizable and if these questions are modified, you will see different fields in the Send to Automation Hub dialog. Please note that in this case the automation idea may not be sent properly and error messages may be displayed.

Refer to the Automation Hub documentation for more information.

Below is a description of the fields of the Send to Automation Hub dialog.

Automation idea titleEnter a title for the automation idea.

You can, for example, use the format Activity name - Process name.

Note: the title must be a unique title within the UiPath Automation Hub instance.
ActivityThe activity that is indicated as a candidate for automation.

Note: If you used the Submit an automation context menu item from a specific activity or created the idea from a selected activity, this activity is selected by default.
Business areaThe name of a category that is predefined in UiPath Automation Hub as an area for automation to which the automation idea is mapped.
Percentage of digital inputEnter a number that indicates the percentage of digital input.
Percentage of structured digital inputA drop-down list containing options to select how much of the digital input is structured.
Number of ways to complete the activityA drop-down list containing options to indicate the number of ways to complete the activity that is extracted from the data.
DescriptionA short description of the automation idea where you can include any pre-conditions, inputs or triggers, and outcomes.

Automation Submitted

When the idea for automation was successfully sent a confirmation dialog is displayed. See illustration below.


When you click on the hyperlink in the confirmation dialog, you are redirected to the idea in UiPath Automation Hub where you are assigned as the submitter of the idea.

In Automation Hub the Process Mining Dashboard link is available to go back to the process graph from which the idea was submitted. See illustration below.



The Process Mining Dashboard link will also be available for other UiPath Automation Hub users that have the same permissions as the user who submitted the idea.


Moreover, the process graph from which the idea was submitted is displayed in the Media section at the bottom of the page. :-1:




The Benefit Per Employee (currency/year) displayed in the Assessment KPIs pane in Automation Hub is calculated from the sum of the annual event costs.

There might be a slight deviation between the Number of events displayed in Process Mining and the Volumes (per Frequency) in Automation Hub. It always extrapolates to a full year.

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Sending Automation Ideas to UiPath Automation Hub

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