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Loading Data in the SAP Connector for AppOne



The information in this guide only applies to the SAP Purchase-to-Pay Connector for AppOne and SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne.


The input tables are used to load data into the SAP Connector. The following options are available to load data in an SAP Connector.

  1. Connecting directly to the SAP database using the native SAP connection.
  2. Loading .csv files that contain specific SAP data.
  3. Loading data via an ODBC Connection.

Setting the input type

In order to load data correctly you must set the input type in the SAP Connector.



By default the input type is set to ‘CSV’, which means the data is loaded from .csv files.

Follow these steps to set the input type to use the native SAP connection or to use an ODBC connection.

1Open the SAP Connector in your development environment.
2Go to the Data tab and select the Connector_settings table.
3Double click on the Input type expression in the Input folder.
4Switch the Input type to either Const_Input_type_SAP or Const_Input_type_ODBC.
See illustration below for an example.
5Click on OK.

Limiting the number of rows

In cases where only a subset of the data is needed for analyzing or monitoring, it is recommended to limit the amount of data loaded, while this may improve the loading times. The number of rows that are extracted from SAP can be limited based on a date range. You can specify a start date in the Extraction start date expression and/or an end date in the Extraction end date expression in the Output folder in the Connector_settings table. See the illustration below.




By default, the Extraction start date expression applies a date filtering to only get data from the current year (starting at January 1st).

See Input Data of the SAP Order-To-Cash Connector for AppOne or Input Data of the SAP Purchase-to-Pay Connector for AppOne. In the Filtering column it is indicated which tables are filtered by the Extraction start date and the field that is used to filter (Date: fieldname).

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Loading Data in the SAP Connector for AppOne

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