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Release Notes

To learn what has changed in Process Mining in 2021, check out the release notes.

Process Mining

ReleaseRelease date
Process Mining 2021.10.1December 7th, 2021
Process Mining 2021.10October 26th, 2021
Process Mining 2021.4.2December 7th, 2021
Process Mining 2021.4.1June 28th, 2021
Process Mining 2021.4April 26th, 2021
Process Mining 2021.1January 19th, 2021
Process Mining 2020.10.4February 17th, 2021
Process Mining 2020.10.3February 5th, 2021



ReleaseRelease date
TemplateOne 2021.10.0November 15, 2021
TemplateOne 2021.4.0August 30, 2021


Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator and SAP Connector


Order-to-Cash Discovery Accelerator and SAP Connector


SAP Purchase-to-Pay Connector for AppOne


SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne

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