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Rebrand and restyle Apps and Discovery Accelerators

Restyling and rebranding

Every app or discovery accelerator can have its own lay-out. You can adapt the lay-out to another style. White labeling or branding is modifying the lay-out of an app or discovery accelerator per environment. The lay-out consists of different elements. For example, the primary background, text color, loading icon, home icon, the application name and the application code (url). Every element should be modified with different actions as described in this document.

Changing the background of an app or discovery accelerator

Follow these steps to change the background.

1Go to Superadmin Workspaces tab.
2Double click on ApplicationSettings.json.
3Add applicationBackground": "mvdata:resources/mv_bg2.jpg in proper JSON format.
4Go to your app or discovery accelerator to view the result of your changes.



You can change elements as the text color, loading icon or home icon in a similar way. Click on for more information.

Changing the colors of bars, history lines or hovers

Follow these steps to modify the colors of the Bar / History line / History hover.

1Open the app or discovery accelerator in your developer environment.
2Click on the UiPath logo icon and select Manage colors....
3Double click on Bar / History line / History hover.
4Select the desired color from the color picker and click on OK.
5Click on CLOSE.
6Click on a dashboard to see the result of the color change.

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Rebrand and restyle Apps and Discovery Accelerators

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