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The UiPath Process Mining Guide


What is performance?

From an end user’s perspective, performance of the application is defined by the response time. The response time is the time it takes the application to respond to the end user’s request, measured from the end user’s point of view.

Performance always is one of the challenges of software platforms. Performance is about isolating the problem(s) which may contribute to a slow user experience. In this document we pinpoint the performance issues that users of UiPath Process Mining may experience. These users include both developers (Superadmins) and end users. Performance issues should be primarily mitigated before issues occur at the end user side. Although the solutions are done by technical people, end users need to be involved in making the trade-offs necessary for the solutions.


In general, performance issues can be related to the following topics:

Dependent on the issue and the solution, the resolve may take a long time. It starts with expectation management. Each topic in this document starts with an introduction of the aspects which are related to performance. This document also contains suggestions for analyzing performance and for possible solutions.

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