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The UiPath Process Mining Guide

Loading Data


To use the Basic Connector you must load your data into the Basic Connector. This can be a .csv file, but it is also possible to read in other file types.

Mandatory and optional attributes

Your input data file can have different attributes or different attribute names. However, there are some attributes mandatory for using AppOne, which means that the data must be available in your input data file for a correct working of AppOne. The mandatory attributes are:

  • Activity
  • Case ID
  • Event end

It is possible that this data is available otherwise in your input file. For example, Event end can be calculated by combining a date attribute and a time attribute containing event end data.

Optional attributes can be used to get more detailed views in AppOne.

In the tables in the Basic Connector, the attributes are grouped by mandatory and optional attributes.

Uploading a data file to the server

Follow these steps to upload an input data file to the UiPath Process Mining server.

1Go to the Superadmin Server Data tab.
2Right click in the files panel and select New folder….
3Enter a name for the folder, for example Connector data, and click on OK.
4Right click on the new folder and select Upload file….
5Drag the input data file onto the Upload File dialog and click on OK to upload the data file to the server.

The data file is uploaded to the server.



If you expect that this folder will grow in time, for example because you may want to create data sets for other processes or customers, name the folder according to the process or customer it is related to. This will keep your server data organized and you don’t need to change the name of the folder later on.

Loading the data file into the Basic Connector

Follow these steps to load data into the Basic Connector.



It is assumed that you are using the Basic Connector - SingleFile. The BasicConnector-TwoFiles can be used in a similar way, but you have to upload separate files for Cases and Events.

1Open the Basic Connector as a developer.

Note: Since there is no data associated with this application an error message is displayed. Click on OK to close the message.
2Go to the Data tab.
3Double click on the Cases_events_input table.
4Change the filename setting to filename=Connector data\[yourdatafile].csv, for example CaseandEvent.csv.
5Click on OK to load the data.

When loading the .csv data file into the Basic Connector, the attributes that are identified as correctly defined are automatically mapped to the corresponding attribute in the Basic Connector.

However, also new attributes can be detected. These attributes must be mapped to the proper attributes in the Basic Connector to make the data available for use in AppOne.

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Loading Data

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