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New branch is not visible


This usually happens when the developer did not create a workspace on a newly created branch. It is also possible that the branch was created in a different repository.


Create a workspace on the newly created branch. If the branch is not visible in the repository, check the other repositories.

New environment or repository not visible


The Superadmin settings have changed.


When changing the Superadmin settings a refresh of the page is needed to see the results of the changes. Press F5 to refresh the Superadmin page.

Cannot login to the Superadmin page anymore


Most likely the URL that is used to access the Superadmin page is incorrect.


Check the URL that is used. Make sure /?page=superadmin is in the URL. You can also verify the title of the login box. This must be </> Superadmin login. See illustration below.




superadmin in the URL must be all lowercase!

Cannot find a created folder (for example in Server data)


Most likely the folder is accidentally created within a different folder. It can be difficult to create folders in the root especially in some of the Superadmin tabs.


When creating a folder, make sure that you have selected the root. You can also check which folder is selected after the new folder is created. You can drag and drop folders to the correct location after creation.

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