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Introduction to SAP Connector


The page describes the basic steps to work with an SAP Connector.

Step 1: Deploying the SAP Connector

To use the SAP Connector you must deploy it by uploading the connector.mvp file.
Refer to Deploying a Connector for a description on how to deploy a connector.

Step 2: Loading the data

In order to load the data, you must set the input type first. See Setting the input type.

If you want to load data directly from your SAP system you must set up Native SAP Extraction.
See Set up Native SAP Extraction for a detailed description on how to connect directly to the SAP database using the native SAP connection.

Step 3: Checking the input data

Before you export the output data set to use it in AppOne or a Discovery Accelerator it is advised that you check if the data from the input data files is properly connected in the SAP Connector. The SAP Connector contains pre-defined dashboards to validate the data. See Checking the Data in the SAP Connector.

Step 4: Export the output dataset

To be able to use the data in AppOne or a Discovery Accelerator you must export the dataset and publish AppOne or a Discovery Accelerator with the new dataset. See Using the Output dataset in AppOne.

Optional steps

The SAP Connector contains several options to customize it to your needs. For example:
adding process specific tags, or adding process specific due dates. It is also possible to enhance the SAP Connector, by for example by adding attributes or adding activities.

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Introduction to SAP Connector

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