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Global Tables


Global tables are tables that contain only one record. Global tables do not have to be uploaded but can be created from the developer interface and accessed from anywhere in the application.

Attributes of input and join tables are only accessible in the table itself. To use an attribute in another table, additional calculations have to be made. However, attributes of global tables can be accessed from all tables. Therefore, global tables are often used for constants which you want to use within the entire application.

Changes to the constant only need to be made in one place, instead of everywhere it is used.

Globals table

The global table Globals, is automatically created when a new app is created.
You can add expressions in the Globals table.

Creating a Global table

Follow these steps to create a Global table.

1Open the app in your development environment and go the to the Data tab.
2Right-click in the table list and select New table -Global table....

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Global Tables

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