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Getting started with TemplateOne


TemplateOne is a fully customizable, flexible and re-usable starting point to develop custom Process Mining dashboards and KPIs based on a businesses needs. TemplateOne provides a set of out-of-the-box dashboards. See TemplateOne menus and dashboards.

TemplateOne offers the flexibility to add process-specific dashboards, metrics, and KPIs.


To roll out TemplateOne to end-users, a specific development setup is required.
It is assumed that:

  • you have downloaded the TemplateOne release package.
  • the development tools described in Setting up a development environment are installed.
  • you have a Git repository for version control of the connector. See Using a Git Repository.
    For dashboard development and creating app releases, you also need to have a UiPath Process Mining installation with access to the Git repository.

TemplateOne release package

The TemplateOne release package includes a Basic SQL connector that enables you to load your cases and events data for use in the TemplateOne dashboards. There are two available TemplateOne packages.

  • TemplateOne-EventLog-version.mvtag;
  • TemplateOne-Cases-EventLog-version.mvtag.

Based on the format of your input data, you choose the appropriate package.

PackageTo be used with when...
TemplateOne-EventLog-version.mvtagthe input data for cases and events is available in one input file.
TemplateOne-Cases-EventLog-version.mvtagthe input data for cases and events is split up into two different input files.

In TemplateOne, all transformations are grouped together and are part of the SQL connector. The SQL connector together with the app dashboards form the app. See the illustration below.


From data to dashboard

ExtractThe data is extracted from the source systems and loaded into a SQL Server database without making any changes to the data.
TransformThe raw data is transformed in a format that is expected by the dashboards using SQL transformations.
LoadThe transformed data is loaded into the dashboards.

See the illustration below for an overview.


The TemplateOne release package contains the dashboards definitions and covers all the steps to display the data into the dashboards.

Next steps

Steps to roll-out TemplateOne.

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Getting started with TemplateOne

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