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Application Profiling


This guide describes how to use the UiPath Process Mining Profiler to analyze the performance of your application. The Profiler can be used to measure the dashboards in your application as well as measuring the load time of your application.

Generate cache

To measure the performance end users of your application will experience, it is recommended to generate a cache before performing a profile run.

Follow these steps to generate a cache.

1Go to the Superadmin Workspaces tab.
2Right-click on the application for which you want to profile and select Generate Cache….

Overview of icons


The following table describes the icons used for a profile run.

ADisplays the Profile pane.
BStarts a new profiles run.
CReloads your application.
DAborts the profile run.

Starting the Profiler for an ad-hoc run

The Profiler needs to be started from within an application.

Follow these steps to start an ad-hoc profile run.

1Go to the Superadmin Workspaces tab and double click on the application you want to profile.
2Open the Tools panel.
3Click on the timing icon (A) to the display the Profile pane.
4Click on the start icon (B) to start profiling.
5Perform the actions in your application that you want to measure.
6When finished, click on the stop icon (D) to stop profiling.

The Profiler records initialization timings of the application, including dashboards, charts and attributes. The Profiler application will help you to investigate what aspect of your application takes what amount of time.

Profiling the load time of an application

Follow these steps to measure the time it takes for your application to load.

1Open the Tools panel.
2Click on the timing icon (A) to the display the Profile pane.
3Click on the reload icon (C) to reload our application. A profile run is automatically started.
4Wait until all dashboard items are fully loaded.
5Click on the stop icon (D) to stop profiling.

This profile run includes all timings related to the start-up of your application.

Viewing the results of a profile run

Follow these steps view the results of a profile run.

1Open the Tools panel.
2Click on the link in the Results panel. See illustration below.

After a profiling run, the Profiler app opens automatically in a new tab of your browser. See illustration below.


Related information

See Deploying the UiPath Process Mining Profiler.

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Application Profiling

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