UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

Release date: 7 July 2020

This page provides more information about the newly released functionality, improvements and bug fixes in UiPath Process Mining 20.6.

New Features

Collapsible charts

Charts can now be collapsed such that they are not rendered, which results in faster initial loading times. Collapsed charts can be expanded on demand when needed. Developers are in control to decide which charts are collapsed by default.



Only charts that are positioned at the top or bottom of a dashboard can be collapsed.

History and Distribution charts in AppOne are collapsed by default when the chart contains more than 10 million events. This greatly improves performance. Users can expand the chart by clicking on the expand icon on the top right of a chart.

Whether or not the History and/or Distribution charts in AppOne are collapsed by default can be set in the Basic Connector using the Dashboard_item_is_expanded_by_default attribute in the Global_settings table.


Actionable insights

Now it is possible to connect UiPath Process Mining to your UiPath Orchestrator to trigger people or robots based on Process Mining insights. You can use the triggers to add queue transactions for robots, or alert people with actions in UiPath Action Center.

Action Center integration

In your connector, you can define on which conditions an Action or Queue item should be generated. When you reload the data in the connector, the Actions and Queue items will be created in your UiPath Orchestrator instance.

You can give your Action a meaningful title, a priority, and a message with any information that is needed to perform the Action.

Robot integration

For a Queue item, you should specify in which queue it should be generated with a certain priority and you can provide any information that is required as input for a robot.


Native SAP extraction

It is possible to natively connect to an SAP application server, where SAP versions such as SAP R3, SAP ERP, SAP ECC 5.0, SAP ECC 6.0, S/4HANA are supported.

Native SAP extraction is available as a new type of datasource. This data source will have options for authentication to the SAP application server. In the query, you can define which table, fields and filters need to be extracted from the SAP application server.

Command-line app activation

The following new command-line functions are now available in the DataServer folder of the UiPath Process Mining installation:

  • ImportRelease to import releases either from a local file or a Git repository.
  • ActivateRelease to activate the release.

Autoclean developer caches

Developer caches older than 30 days are now automatically deleted to preserve disk space. To change the number of days, use the AutocleanWorkspaceCachesDays setting in the Superadmin Server Settings.

Jsonobject function

A new expression function jsonobject is added to the expression language. This function returns the string representation of a json object by using arguments as key and value.
For example:
jsonobject("abc", "def") will return '{"abc":"def"}'



  • Switching dashboards is up to 4 times faster because of improved filter caching.
  • Changing filter values is up to 4 times faster because of improved filter caching.
  • Displaying filter controls is up to 3 times faster because of an improved gray value calculation algorithm.


  • Not for resale and Non-Production banners are not shown anymore when these license types are active.
  • The active subscription code is shown on the License tab if it does not match ENT-NONPR, ENT-NFR, or ENT.
  • The full license code and activation ID are shown on the License tab.

Fixed Bugs

Failed to load CSV

When loading data from .csv files, the first cell which contains a newline will be logged to the log file. This will help with debugging loading csv files that are incorrectly escaped.

Updated about a year ago


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