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Release date: February 5th 2021


Default maximum number of values in a List box filter

When you have a lot of items in a List box filter, the List box filter may not respond or completely freeze the user interface. This was caused by the limit being 200.000 items, and this is now limited to 20.000 by default. In AppOne the default maximum number of values in List box filters was already at 20.000. If you have a custom project that is not based on AppOne you may have to update the limit manually.



It is recommended to set the default maximum number of values for List box filters in the Application Settings of your projects to 20.000 or use the Search box filter instead.



The performance of the developer environment is improved for apps or connectors with a large number of attributes.

FunctionModule parameter for native SAP extraction

When setting up a native SAP extraction the SAP Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE Function Module is required. If, for example, the Function Module is renamed in your SAP system, you can specify the correct name in the (optional) FunctionModule parameter in the SAP connection string.
See Connection String Types: SAP

Fixed Bugs

  • When using a dataset that contains disconnected or loosely coupled processes it could happen that the process graph did not render correctly. This is fixed.
  • Various crashes and stability issues on legacy charts are fixed.
  • Some issues with using IsFirstUnique in join expressions are fixed.
  • Aggerating data on certain edge cases could led to incorrected results. This is fixed.

If you noticed any other issues - we will appreciate you contacting us to share your feedback.

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