UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

December 2021

22 December 2021 / 10 January 2022

What’s New

Order-to-Cash discovery accelerator

The Order-to-Cash Discovery Accelerator gives process owners, business users and RPA teams the capacity to discover automation potential and to fast-track process improvement initiatives by monitoring KPIs in the Order-to-Cash process. See Introduction to Order-to-Cash Discovery Accelerator.

Loading data

For the Order-to-Cash Discovery Accelerator, and the Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator, you can use DataBridgeAgent to upload data. See Uploading data.

Use the following link to download DataBridgeAgent:


It is now also possible to use DataBridgeAgent to upload large output datasets (> 2GB).

17 December 2021

Data residency now available in Canada

UiPath Process Mining is now also available in the Canada region. If you create a tenant in this region, the data for the Process Mining service is hosted in Canada.

For more information, see Data residency (cloud).

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December 2021

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