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The UiPath Process Mining Guide

The Releases Tab


From the Releases tab you can manage and deploy releases to different environments. Moreover, you can create users and manage their access rights here. See the illustration below.


Below is a description of the elements of the Releases tab.



Local releases menu

The Local releases menu contains items that you can select to upload or import releases and to manage end-user access.

Active on

The environment on which the release is active.


The name of the release and the branch from which the release was created. (BranchName/ReleaseName)


The repository where the app is stored.


The build that was used to create the release.


The revision number of the app that was released.

Release date

The date and time on which the release was created.

Local releases menu

You can display the Local releases menu by clicking on the menu icon.
Below is an illustration of the Local releases menu.


The table below describes the items of the Local releases menu.

Menu item


Select columns...

Enables you to select the visible columns in the Releases tab.

Import a release from the repository...

Enables you to import a release from an available repository.

Upload a release to this server...

Enables you to upload a release by selecting a .mvtag file from your computer/

Open an environment

Enables you to open the release from a selected environment. You can open the release in end-user mode or in read-only developer mode.

Open end-user administration

Enables you to create new users and manage end-user access rights.

Delete unused releases

Enables you to delete any releases that are not active on an environment, do not have any active data instances, or are not used as base app in a workspace.

Local releases context menu

There is also a context menu with options available for the selected release.

Below is a description of the options available from the Local releases context menu.



Download release

Enables you to download the selected release to you computer. The release will be save as .mvtag file.

Make active on

Enables you to activate the selected release on an available environment.

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The Releases Tab

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