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TemplateOne is a fully customizable, flexible and re-useable starting point to develop custom Process Mining dashboards and KPIs based on client needs. Similar to AppOne, TemplateOne provides a set of out-of-the-box dashboards. See TemplateOne menus and dashboards.

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TemplateOne is more customizable compared to AppOne and is the starting point of customization into something more process-specific, for example, a discovery accelerator. It offers the flexibility to add process-specific dashboards, metrics, and KPI's.



Steps to roll out a customized version of TemplateOne

Steps to roll-out TemplateOne

Deploying TemplateOne

Deploying TemplateOne

Adding business data to TemplateOne

Adding Tags, Due dates, or Automation estimates to TemplateOne

Loading data in TemplateOne

Loading data into TemplateOne

Customizing TemplateOne

App and Discovery accelerator development

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