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Working with the dashboard editor


Dashboards are used to visualize data in a meaningful way to end-users. After creating a process app, you can edit the dashboards to customize the process app to your business needs. The dashboard editor provides various options to create different views, and to organize, group, and filter data.

Any changes you make to the dashboards or charts are automatically saved. You can see the status of the app saving in the bar; when all your changes are saved the status is Up to date. See the illustration below.


Once your changes are saved, you can safely close the dashboard editor. When you re-open the dashboard editor, you can continue working on the process app from the last saved state.



To make the changes available to end-users, you must publish the app. See Publishing dashboards.

The dashboard editor enables you to collaborate with other developers on a process app. Once your changes are saved they are available for other developers working on the process app.

Opening the dashboard editor

Follow these steps to open the dashboard editor.

  1. Open the Process Mining portal.

  2. Go to the Process apps tab and locate the app you want to customize.

  3. Click on imageimage in the actions column of the process app you want to customize.

  4. In the menu on the left, click on the dashboard you want to edit.

The dashboard editor is displayed. See the illustration below.


The dashboard editor enables you to:

  • edit the process app details.
  • edit the properties dashboards and charts.
  • add or delete charts.
  • edit the properties of individual charts.
  • edit fields and metrics using Data Manager. See Data Manager.
  • preview changes in end-user mode.

Editing process app details

Follow these steps to edit the process app details.

  1. Click on the settings button at the top of the Dashboard editor page. See the illustration below for an example.

The App details page is displayed.

  1. Edit the app details. See Editing process apps.

  2. Click on Done to display the list of all process apps.

Editing properties for dashboards and charts

In the Edit panel at the right, you can edit the dashboard and chart properties to change the name of a dashboard or the title of a chart.

Click onto ...
imageimagedisplay the remaining number of items.
imageimageopen the list of items you can select.
imageimageremove an item.

Previewing changes

Before you publish any changes you have made to the process app, you can preview the changes in end-user mode. When you click on the imageimage button, the process app is displayed in end-user mode. This enables you to check any changes you made before you publish the process app.

Select Back to edits to close the end-user mode and to go back to the dashboard editor. See the illustration below.


If you are satisfied with the results, you can publish the process app to make the changes available to business users. See Publishing dashboards.

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Working with the dashboard editor

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