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Using the Output dataset in AppOne


To be able to use the data in AppOne you must export the dataset and publish AppOne with the new dataset.

Exporting the output data set

Follow these steps to export the output dataset from the Basic Connector.




Click on the logo icon and select Advanced > Export output dataset....


Enter a name for the dataset in the Export Output Dataset dialog, for example CaseandEvent_Output, and click on OK.


Close the Basic Connector and open the Superadmin Development Data tab.

The output dataset is displayed in the list of development data files. It can now be used in AppOne. See illustration below.

Testing the output data set

Before you publish AppOne with the new dataset it is advised to open the dataset in an application with AppOne to test if everything is working correctly.

Publish the new dataset

Publishing is combining an application with a dataset, generating a cache for this combination, and releasing (or updating) this combination for end users.

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Using the Output dataset in AppOne

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