UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

April 2022

April 19, 2022

What’s New

Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator

  • The new Analysis - Event analysis dashboard enables business users to analyze the events that occur in the Purchase-to-Pay process in more detail.
  • The following throughput time metrics are now available in the Analysis - End to end process dashboard.
    • Avg. throughput time PR creation to PR approval
    • Avg. throughput time PR approval to PO item creation
    • Avg. throughput time PR approval to PO approval
    • Avg. throughput time GR to INV item creation
  • Two additional tags are available in the Compliance - Maverick buying dashboard.
    • Invoice received before goods delivered, which indicates that an invoice item created before the last goods
      received event for a purchase order item.
    • Invoice received before PR creation, which indicates that there is an invoice item created before the create purchase requisition event occurs.

Loading data

  • It is now possible to upload data using an extractor, when creating a new process app from scratch.
  • The Data source option is no longer available in the App details page when editing a process app.

Process graph

  • When hovering over an activity or edge, the connections are now highlighted in color.
  • A legend label is added to the process graph legend to explain the color scales.


Different metric calculations and join conditions are optimized which significantly improves performance when working with process apps.

April 6, 2022


  • The KPIs of the Summary dashboards are now displayed in the header and are now consistent with the lay-out of other dashboards.

  • The number of published process apps is now also displayed in the heading of the Process Mining portal.

  • The actions menu now contains icons to indicate the action.

  • Column sorting is now available in Root Cause Analysis.

  • Process apps that have pending data ingestion are now grayed out in the All process apps list in the Process Mining portal.

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April 2022

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