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The UiPath Process Mining Guide

October 2022

October 18, 2022

What’s New

ServiceNow Incident Management app template available

The Incident Management for ServiceNow app template is now available. See App templates.


Create new app wizard

  • The Create new app wizard is now split up into separate pages, and the wizard flow is now visible in all pages. See the illustration below.
  • When you leave Create new app wizard at any step, the current state is now saved. You can continue creating the app with the state you left the wizard before.

Process apps

  • The static dashboards Tags, Automation potential, and Root cause analysis are now available from the menu bar on the left in all process apps. See the illustration below.



Tags is only available for TemplateOne - MultiFile process apps, where the Conformance - Tags menu is no longer available.

  • A Search bar is now available in all selectors. See the illustration below for an example.

Purchase-to-Pay app template

Redundant transformations are removed to improve performance.

Automation potential dashboard

A new column Manual processing cost is now available in the All automation opportunities list.

Period filter

The period filter value is now set to All by default.

Compare mode

  • The Custom option is no longer available for period filters when in Compare mode.
  • The Export to CSV option is no longer available when in Compare mode.

Filters panel

Clear all now removes all filters from the Filters panel.

Process filters

The Without option is now available for process filters, which enables business users to filter on cases that do not contain one or more selected activities, or cases that do not follow a selected activity path.

Dashboard editor

The Change field in the Edit vertical bar chart properties now allows numeric values.

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October 2022

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