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Introduction to Lead-to-Order

Lead-to-Order process

The Lead-to-Order process is an end-to-end process which starts with a potential customer's intent to buy a product, up to the fulfillment of this sale. See the illustration below.


Lead Qualification

Once a lead is generated, the lead will go through a qualification process. The objective of this process is to determine whether the lead is likely to make an actual purchase. Once the lead is qualified, this will turn into an actual opportunity for a sale. In Salesforce, this is tracked via the Lead object.

Opportunity Management

As a lead qualifies into an opportunity, the sales team will work on the opportunity together with the potential customer, to identify the need and suggest an appropriate product or service which will meet this need. Part of the process may involve generating a quote to the customer, but this is not always the case. In case the opportunity is won, this will generate one or more orders to fulfill the won opportunity. In Salesforce, this is tracked via the Opportunity object, and optionally, the Quote object.

Order Management

Within Order Management, the order lifecycle is maintained, including order capture, and fulfillment. In Salesforce, the Order object is used to maintain this process. One opportunity may have multiple orders.

Optionally, this may then extend and generate an invoice and receivables, in what is called the Lead to Cash process.

Lead-to-Order for Salesforce app template

The Lead-to-Order for Salesforce app template turns raw process data from the Salesforce Sales Cloud source system into actionable and automatable insights. The Lead-to-Order for Salesforce app template uses TemplateOne to simplify process analysis and monitoring through dashboards that provide multiple views on the Lead-to-Order process and predefined metrics and KPI's, such as throughput times. The integration with UiPath Automation Hub makes it possible to discover and prioritize activities that are the best automation candidates, implement RPA, and monitor the outcomes in the Lead-to-Order process.

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Introduction to Lead-to-Order

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