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Release date: 3 June 2021

What’s New

The AzureRM PowerShell module is now deprecated, and the Publish-Orchestrator.ps1, Publish-IdentityServer.ps1, and Publish-Webhooks.ps1 scripts should migrate to Az. Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 will try to uninstall the AzureRM module, but it will wait for confirmation from the user even if the -unattended flag is used.

Note that upgrading to Az v6.0.0 when any previous version of the module is in use causes the following message to pop up: WARNING: The version 'x.x.x' of module 'Az.<Name>' is currently in use. Retry the operation after closing the applications. In order to solve this problem, make sure to execute Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 in a new PowerShell session.


Increased Performance for Actions

UiPath goal of creating a robot for every person may imply thousands of users to operate at the same time on actions. This scenario requires stable Orchestrator and Action Center configurations, and optimal API response times.

You are now able to connect 10,000 users to Action Center and have them process actions simultaneously, while 150,000 attended robots run their jobs in the background. The actions the users act upon are generated by 3,000 unattended robots (creating actions and resuming jobs after the actions completions).

To read more details about the environmental setup to support this load, head over to the Hardware Requirements section.

Bug Fixes

  • A case-sensitivity issue occurred when creating Identity Server resources. We have addressed the problem.
  • Fixed missing Queue property in queueItem.transactionStarted Webhook event payload.
  • Several folders disappeared from the sidebar after collapsing it and only became visible after refreshing the page.
  • You can now use Dynatrace OneAgent for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) without the risk of Identity Server startup issues.
  • Added 17 August 2021
    Downloading packages with Japanese names from Orchestrator caused the names to show up distorted in the browser's download bar. This only occurred on Internet Explorer and Edge.
  • Added 19 October 2021
    Fixed a bug that was causing delays in opening the Validation Station while run in Orchestrator. Now, the Validation Station has a faster response time when accessed from Orchestrator.
See Activity Package Versions

The following activity packages and versions are included in the UiPathOrchestrator.msi installer:

Activity PackVersion

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