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Release date: 17 March 2021


Persistence Activities Support

We now truly deliver the Persistence Activities support, mentioned in the 20.10.4 Orchestrator's Release Notes. Therefore, queue items that are part of a long-running workflow's persistence points are not marked as abandoned after 24h of processing, to allow the job to resume. Make sure to have UiPath Robot v20.10.4 or higher to enable this support.

Change Your Own Unattended Robot Password via API

We now allow users to change their own unattended robot's password via API by making a PATCH request to the /odata /Users({key}) endpoint. This operation does not require Edit permissions on Users.

CyberArk CCP Credential Store Certificates

The maximum allowed size for the credential store AdditionalConfiguration field was previously 10 kb, which could prove restrictive when trying to upload large certificates. The limit has been increased to 100 kb.

Bug Fixes

  • Alerts and webhooks would not trigger when the robot status became unresponsive. We have addressed the issue.

  • Occasionally, ramp-up scenarios would induce 100% SQL CPU usage, causing a system crash. The issue had a higher reproduction rate in dynamic environments with 75,000 to 150,000 Robots and has been seldom reproduced in environments with 10,000 to 50,000 Robots. Orchestrator no longer displays this behavior.

  • Performance would degrade in environments with around 5000 folders. This is no longer the case.

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