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Managing Users

Adding a New User

  1. In the Users page, click the Add button. The Provision User window is displayed.
  1. Fill in the Username field and select a role. This is the username you use to log in, and the role dictates your View, Edit, Create, and Delete permissions in Orchestrator.
  2. (Optionally) Fill in the Name, Surname, and Email address fields.
  3. Fill in the Password and Confirm Password fields.



The password complexity is customizable on the Security tab, in the Settings page. By default, passwords must contain at least 8 characters and at least one letter and a digit.

  1. Click Provision. The Provision User window closes, your settings are saved and the new local user is displayed in the Users page.

Editing User Information



Editing a user requires your user to have View and Edit permissions on Users, as well as View permissions on Roles. Read more about roles.

There are two ways to edit user information:

In the Users page

  1. Click User > Users. The Users page is displayed.
  1. Hover over the target user and click Edit. The Edit User window is displayed.
  2. Change the desired field(s) such as Name, Surname, Email Address, Password, Confirm Password, Roles, and Units.
  3. Click Update to save all your changes. Please note that if you change the password you are logged out from all Orchestrator sessions.

In the Profile page

  1. Click User > your user. The Profile page is displayed.
  1. Click Edit in the General section. The Name, Surname, and Email fields are editable.
  2. Click Update to save all your changes.



The username cannot be edited.

Removing a User

To remove an existing user, click More Actions in the Users page and then Remove.

Alternatively, select one or multiple users, and click the Remove button.



You cannot delete a user having the Administrator role.

Changing the Orchestrator Theme

Take into account that theme-related changes are applied at browser level.

  1. Click User > your user. The Profile page is displayed.
  2. In the General section choose either Light or Dark to change your theme accordingly.

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Managing Users

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