UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Field Descriptions for the Attended and Development Pages

The fields on the Attended, Attended Concurrent, Development, and Development Concurrent pages are similar, as follows:




Looks in the Username column for users that match your input.



Enables you to filter the page according to the licensed status of the users.
The icon changes as follows:

  • filter_not_applied - no filter is applied
  • filter_applied - a filter is applied; if you click the Filters button when it is in this state, all filters are removed.


The username under which one or multiple Robots are defined. For local Development and Attended Robots, the machine name is displayed after the username.

Last Login

The amount of time that passed since the corresponding user last logged in. Hovering over this field displays the exact time and date the user last logged in.


The number of machines that a specific user is connected to.

License Status

Indicates if the user is using a license of not. If a user is licensed and you hover over this field, the machine on which it is running is displayed.

View Robots


Displays all the Robots that are defined with the corresponding username.
Note that you need View permissions on Robots for this button to be enabled.

Field Descriptions for the Attended and Development Pages

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