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About Database Migration from 2016.1 to 2016.2

This migration of data is possible through a PowerShell script that is available under the Migrate.ps1 name. It can be found in, in the Migration\Powershell folder. Press here to download the scripts archive.

This script migrates data from one database to another, only if the same SQL Server machine and instance is used to host both the 2016.1 and the 2016.2 databases.

This script also migrates the packages that are available in the NuGet feed, only if both v2016.1 and v2016.2 Orchestrator instances are installed on the same machine.

Important! However, please note that:

  • All records found in the target v2016.2 database (Users, Releases, Robots, Environments, Assets, Queues, Jobs and their associated tables) are emptied when the migration process starts.
  • The execution times for migrated schedules are represented as CRON expressions.
  • By default, schedules are migrated as Disabled.
  • The following types of data are NOT migrated:
    • Soft-deleted data (soft-deleted records are items that are not actually removed from the database, but are only marked as deleted).
    • Audit events messages.

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About Database Migration from 2016.1 to 2016.2

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