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Accessing your profile page

The Profile page consists of two sections:

  • General - enables you to view your account details, and
  • Login Attempts - enables you to monitor login attempts made with cookies for your account.



Orchestrator no longer uses cookie-based authentication but token-based authentication. Learn more about this change in the release notes.

To open your profile page, in the top right, click (User) and select My Profile.

Profile permissions

To be able to perform various operations on the Profile page, you need to be granted the corresponding permissions on Users:

  • View on Users - Displaying the Profile page.
  • Edit on Users - Editing user details and settings on the Profile page.

Configuring the Alerts section on the Profile page requires the corresponding View permission per alert category. For more information, see About Alerts.

Orchestrator license expiration date

To see the whether your cloud Orchestrator is licensed or not, and the license expiration date, click the User icon on the top navigation bar:


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