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Orchestrator API Guide
Last updated Nov 10, 2023

Available Operations

CRUD Operations

These types of operations are available on logical resources most. CRUD operations include GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests, but please note that not all logical resources make use of all these verbs due to both technical and business reasons.

Requesting Data

It is possible to request particular information from a particular resource, in conjunction with GET operations, through OData-specific parameters.

They enable you to query, filter, sort, select and expand information. More details can be found in the official OData documentation.

Custom Actions

The following custom actions and actions which are not tied to a logical resource are available in the Orchestrator API:

  • Stats methods provide aggregates information on different entities;
  • Account methods provide authentication methods to Orchestrator;
  • Queues methods are used by the Robot to access queues, while the QueueDefinitions endpoint should be used instead for external systems via API;
  • QueueProcessingRecords methods offer statistical and aggregate information about queues;
  • RobotsService resources can be used by Orchestrator to communicate with the Robot.

  • CRUD Operations
  • Requesting Data
  • Custom Actions

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