UiPath Orchestrator

The UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Release date: 31 May 2022


The fixes described in these release notes are currently available only in standalone Orchestrator.

Bug fixes

  • Clicking on your user name in the user menu, accessed by clicking your initials in the top-right corner of the window, did not open the Preferences page, where you can view profile information and reset your password.
  • Sorting assets by Name in the Assets page did not work.
  • Various accessibility issues have been fixed.


What do the labels mean?

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This version of Orchestrator is available in two deployment models:

  • standalone Orchestrator
  • Orchestrator service which is part of Automation Suite

The product is similar enough across deployment types to share the same documentation.
But differences do exist. When certain information applies to only one of the deployments, we use the following labels:

  • - only applies to standalone Orchestrator and does not apply to Automation Suite Orchestrator.
  • - only applies to Automation Suite Orchestrator and does not apply to standalone Orchestrator.

Whenever there is no label, the information applies to both deployment types.

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