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Field Descriptions for the Insights Portal

The Analytics Tab




Locate existing dashboards that match your input. You can search by dashboard name, source, and/or owner.

Display Selection

Use to filter which dashboards are displayed. The available options are:

  • Recent
  • All
  • Created by Me
  • Shared with Me



Appears in the Dashboards pane. Displays a menu with the following options:

  • New Dashboard
  • New Folder
  • Import Dashboards

Select Dashboards

Appears in the Dashboards pane. Displays a check box for each existing dashboard and folder, enabling you to select any or all to act upon with the following options:

  • Export
  • Copy to Server
  • Delete

More Actions


Appears on each existing dashboard tile, and contains the following options:

  • Rename
  • Duplicate
  • Copy to Server
  • Export
  • Download
  • Delete (Not available for default dashboards.)

Dashboard View


Dashboard Name

Select to edit the name of the dashboard.

Data Source

Displays the ElastiCube on which this dashboard depends and the most recent build date and time. Select to display the following options:

  • Change Data Source

Add Widget


Opens the New Widget creation window.

Add Text


Adds a new blank widget to the current dashboard where you can enter and format text.

Change Color Palette


Displays a drop-down menu containing the available color palettes for the dashboard.

Configure PDF Report Settings


Opens the PDF report settings window. See here for details.

Switch to View Mode


Toggle the display between the default Design Mode and View Mode to see how the dashboard would appear to viewers.



Displays a menu with the following options:

  • Export - Download a .dash file of the current dashboard.
  • Duplicate - Create a copy of the current dashboard.
  • Download - Download a PDF or image file of the current dashboard display.
  • Columns - Select between 1 and 4 columns for the dashboard layout.
  • Restore Dashboard - Revert the dashboard to the most recent owner's version.

The Pulse Tab


Open Dashboard


Opens a new window with the dashboard this alert is connected to.



Hover on this icon to bring up a display of the alert notification trigger, creation date, and last modified date.

More Options


Displays a menu with the following options:

  • Edit - Opens the selected alert for editing.
  • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the alert.
  • Receive Notifications - Select if you should receive notifications for this alert or not.
  • Turn Off - Disables notifications based on this alert for all users.
  • Delete - Deletes the selected alert.

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Field Descriptions for the Insights Portal

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