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Field Descriptions

The Audit Page



Looks in the Operation column and Audit Data window for audit trails that match your input.

Component Filter

Enables you to filter the page according to the components.

User Filter

Enables you to filter the page according to the user that performed a certain change.

Action Filter

Enables you to filter the page according to the performed action.

Time Filter

Enables you to filter the page according to the time at which an action was performed.

Reset to defaults

This button is displayed only if you made changes to any of the filters described above, and enables you to return to the default settings.

Please note that this button also resets the number of items displayed per page.


The Orchestrator component that performed a given action in the system. The following components are available:

  • Assets
  • Comments
  • Credential Stores
  • Directory Service
  • Environments
  • Execution Media
  • Folders
  • Jobs
  • Libraries
  • Licenses
  • Machines
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Packages
  • Processes
  • Queues
  • Robots
  • Roles
  • Triggers
  • Settings
  • Task Catalogs
  • Tasks
  • Units
  • Users
  • Webhooks


The user that performed the action.


Specifies the type of action that was executed.
The following actions are available:

  • Acknowledge
  • Activate
  • Assign
  • Associate
  • Bulk Upload
  • Changed Password
  • Change Status
  • Create
  • Deactivate
  • Delete
  • Download
  • End
  • Import
  • Password Reset Attempt
  • Reset Password
  • Skip
  • Start
  • Start Job
  • Stop Job
  • Toggle
  • Unassign
  • Update
  • Upload


A description of the action, in the following format:
User [username] [action] [component type] [name of component]. For example, User Docteam created robot DocBot1.


The amount of time that has passed since the action was completed. Hovering over this field displays the exact time and date when the action was taken.

View Details


This button can be seen when hovering over any field. Enables you to view details regarding the action that has been taken in the system, and displays the Audit Data window.



Downloads the entire information comprised in the Audit page as a .csv file.

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