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Registrieren eines Profils

When creating your profile, you can use either a personal email address and create an individual user profile or a business email address (to represent a company).

This allows you to publish content as a Community Contributor and also consume content.

This option allows you to publish content on behalf of your Company and consume existing content. Furthermore, a Company Profile gives you the advantage of becoming eligible for the Marketplace Security Certification - Gold Certified level.

If you would like to switch from an individual profile to a company profile, the How to prepare all necessary assets for a Company Profile article contains information on how to easily set up a company and publish it on the Marketplace.

This option is mandatory if you want to sell your listings on the Marketplace. For more information on how to become a vendor, please check this section.

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Registrieren eines Profils

Auf API-Referenzseiten sind Änderungsvorschläge beschränkt

Sie können nur Änderungen an dem Textkörperinhalt von Markdown, aber nicht an der API-Spezifikation vorschlagen.