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Company Admins

Please find below details about the Company Admins and their responsibilities as well as the extra options that they have access to:

Minimum Requirements for a Company Admin

A Company Admin is someone who has been verified as an authorized person by their company and allowed to request the creation of an official Company Profile on UiPath Marketplace for the company they are representing.

Another mandatory requirement is to have your profile created with the enterprise email address.


The Company Admin(s) are designated by the company as their authorized employee(s) allowed to manage the official Company Profile on UiPath Marketplace and has/have the following responsibilities: 

  • Keep up to date the information related to the Company Profile. 
  • Is in charge of managing the Company membership: 
    • add new admins/contributors to the Company. 
    • manage existing members affiliated with the Company.  
    • keep the user database up to date.  For example, if an admin/contributor leaves the Company, they need to make the necessary updates.
    • ensure that all Company admins/contributors have their profiles completed accurately and updated. 
  • Supervise that all the listings are submitted by the Company members.

Manage the Company Profile

Add company members



Marketplace Company User membership is managed from Cloud. Thus, you need to add a user in question to your Cloud organization for them to be added to the Company profile on the Marketplace as well.

To add a user to the Cloud organization, please follow the below steps:

  1. Access cloud.uipath.com
  2. If you are a member of multiple Cloud organizations, you will see the list of those in the organization picker
  3. Choose the organization which corresponds to the Marketplace account
  1. From the sidebar menu, choose Admin >> Accounts&Groups >> Invite Users
  2. Insert the email address of the person you want to add and click Invite
  3. Once the person accepts the invite, they need to log out from the current Marketplace session and log in again
  4. Subsequently, the user will also be automatically added as a member to the Marketplace profile

Remove Company members' accounts

To update the Company admins/contributors and remove the ones that are no longer working with it, follow the steps:

  1. From the avatar menu, click Manage Company.
  2. Identify the member that needs to be removed and click Actions → Remove.
  3. Confirm the action in the dialog box.

:white-check-mark: Listings created by company members regardless of their role who are removed from the company profile remain under the organization’s ownership unless the company approves for the content to be owned by the person who is no longer a part of the organization.

Controling what is published on behalf of the company

As Company Admin(s), you are notified each time a company member submits a listing to be published. Furthermore, you receive notifications when the listings are published or rejected by the UiPath Curators.



All the submitted listings go through a Marketplace Security Certification process done by UiPath, before publishing. This includes security checks and functionality tests. Check the Marketplace Security Certification Overview page to find out more about this.

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Company Admins

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