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Upwire is a cloud-based platform that enables users to build intelligent customer communication workflows (i.e., templates), including SMS chatbots for customer service, two-factor authentication with temporary PINs via SMS, and interactive voice response (IVRs) for call menus.

The Upwire activities package integration enables you to start and stop your flow templates via the Start Job and Stop Job activities. By integrating the start/stop capabilities, you can trigger your communication workflows based on the results of your existing or new, UiPath automation projects.

In addition to interacting directly with your existing Upwire templates, you can also add SMS communications to your UiPath automation projects with the Send SMS activity. By adding SMS capabilities to your automation, you get a direct line of communication from your robot to your phone.

How it works

The Upwire Activities package enables the outbound (UiPath to Upwire) automation between UiPath and Upwire by establishing an authenticated connection to your Upwire account via the Upwire Scope activity.

After your connection is established, you can add the other Upwire activities to create new automation projects, or add them to existing projects to extend the automation capabilities to include one to two-way communications.


Let's say you have an existing, business critical automation project that runs daily. When the job is faulted or encounters an error, you need to be informed immediately and react quickly.

Currently, you can receive email notifications when the job status changes by using UiPath Orchestrator Webhooks and/or the Raise Alert activity. For additional assurance, you can use the Send SMS activity to send SMS notifications to you and your team,

With the Send SMS activity, you can also send messages after specific activities finish, without having to wait for the job to complete; giving you end-to-end notification capabilities.

Get started

Before you build your first project, complete the steps in the Setup guide.

After you complete the setup, see the Quickstart guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you create a working sample of the different activities so that you can verify the connection to your Upwire account and get familiar with the activities.

To learn more about the Upwire activities, see the Activities page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages.

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