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Submit a Ready-to-go Automation

  • Access UiPath Marketplace.

  • Click Create Listing. The Create listing option is available in the drop-down list of the Publisher Account.

  • The Create Listing Form consists of several sections. Let’s go through these together to make the submission process easy and quick for you.

Select your file

This is the first step of the listing submission process. Please fill in all the necessary fields.

1. Listing Language

Select the language from the drop-down menu. Please note that the platform currently supports only English and Japanese languages.

2. Listing Type

For ready-to-go automations, the listing type will be Downloadable since this type of content can be downloaded directly from UiPath Marketplace or installed in UiPath Assistant.

3. Product

Please select the UiPath product your automation is intended to work with.




Ready-to-go automations created for UiPath Assistant.

4. Category

  • The drop-down menu in the Category field alters depending on the product you choose. For “Assistant” the category is “Ready-to-go Automations”.
  • Ready-to-go automations are ready-to-use attended automation with little-to-no configuration required to run through UiPath Assistant.

5. Compatibility

  • Product - Here you will see the UiPath product your automation is intended for which is “Assistant' for pre-built automation.
  • From Version - Mention the version(s) of the Assistant with which the listing was tested.
  • To Version - If the listing was tested on multiple versions, enter the highest version here.
  • Runtime - Specify the operating system with which you automation is compatible.

6. Upload

  • The NuGet package needs to be uploaded in the Upload Listing File section, and the source code of the attended automation should be provided in the Upload Source Code section in the .zip format.


This is the second step of the listing submission process. Please make sure to read the best practices described below before filling in the Upload form fields.

1. Listing Title

  • This is one of the most important listing elements. It influences your reach on the Marketplace search results and represents the initial filter for the users when deciding if the listing has the potential to fit their needs.
  • Naming convention for Ready-to-go automations for Assistant.
    • Have a descriptive name that makes it easy for users to understand the value right from the title.
    • It should lead with an action verb.
    • It should be the same as the “Name” of the project developed using UiPath Studio.

2. Icon

  • In this section, you can upload a custom image to be displayed on your listing’s card. The image needs to be representative of your listing’s main idea and should contain simple symbols.
  • Don’t use images that you do not own the rights for.

3. Version

  • Start with version 0.0. Every change made before publishing the Content increases the decimal index. When the first or a new version of the Content is published, it changes the version to 1.0.
  • It should be the same as the version of the NuGet package published from UiPath Studio

4. Release Notes

  • Fill in this section with details about this release and each new version you will be adding afterward.

5. Tags

  • Indicate up to 5 relevant tags that will help users find your listing more easily. By tags, we mean terms associated with your listing. They are used in the search box to find listings with similar tags. As a suggestion, try to break tags into single words instead of putting whole phrases. It can simplify the search process.
  • 20 characters per tag max.
  • For example, if your listing is intended to work with GSuite, you can consider adding the following tags: docs, drive, email, Gmail, GSuite.
  • If the tags are not provided by you during the submission, our team will add them based on the overall submitted information. However, we strongly believe it’s much more helpful when you add these yourself.

6. Summary

  • Summarize your listing in a short phrase that will best explain what it is about.
  • 200 characters max.

7. Description

  • Describe your listing and let people know what it contains and how they can use it.
  • This section needs to be well structured while at the same time it should keep the audience engaged enough to read it through.
  • 5000 characters max.


For a listing to be published on UiPath Marketplace, you must include in the listing's Description all details about the UiPath products that are used in the automation or that are compatible with your automation, and the role that they play.

Partners may not include the names of third parties or third parties' apps or other third party products in the text of their listing or product description on UiPath Marketplace without express authorization from the third party.

8. Benefits

  • Let the user know what value they will get from using your listing.
  • 500 characters max.
  • Respond to these questions:
    • What does your project try to solve?
    • How would someone benefit from using this automation?

9. Images

  • Please attach relevant screenshots to be displayed on your listing to help your audience navigate easier and understand what it is that you are offering.

Limitations to keep in mind

Maximum size

5 MB per image

Maximum upload files


Files types

gif, .jpg, .png, .svg., .webp

10. Video

  • Please add relevant presentation videos, demos to your listing, that showcase the business value of your automation. Make sure they are in YouTube or Vimeo format. These assets can influence the perception of the audience and increase the trustworthiness of the content even before downloading it.
  • The title of the automation demonstrated in the video should be the same as the listing title on Marketplace.
  • In order to create high-value video content with few resources, we recommend you use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) as a video recording tool and Descript for creating subtitles (where applicable).

Recommended video formatting settings

Aspect ratio


FPS (Frames Per Second)

60 fps

Recording resolution


  • Please check out some tips below:



Please blur any confidential or personal information which is captured during execution to anonymize it.

Don’t leave your web notifications open when recording or don’t move the cursor very often. This will distract the audience from your main message.

When recording, it is recommended that you use the light theme for UiPath Studio and its activities.

Where applicable, don’t use too many keyboard shortcuts, as we want the viewers to understand what the steps of the process are.

Where applicable, make sure your audio is high quality and there are no background noises.

Where applicable, don’t use your day-to-day desktop view. Make sure you show little to no personal/sensitive information like folders, bookmark bar, taskbar, browser history, etc.

Maintain the narration at a normal pace.

The video should turn out even better if you are following a script.

If the content is lengthy, we recommend inserting an agenda and timing at the beginning of the video. We recommend you have a maximum of a 5-minute video.

It should be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo to ensure easy sharing with your audience. Where applicable, make sure you add subtitles (preferably in English).

Files and Terms

1. Dependencies

Enter all the dependencies of the Content. Include tools/resources needed in order to use it. Any pre-requisite technologies need to be clearly stated (i.e. Salesforce account, ABBYY account, etc.).

2. License URL

  • As a Content creator, choose the type of license that you will be using for your Content. You are free to select an open-source software license or a Commercial License. We recommend using permissive licenses to increase usability for other Marketplace users. Make sure there is a clear and agreeable legal relationship between the Content creator and the user. Refer to the ToU for details about Content licensing.
  • Custom License Link - Add your license link. In the FAQs section, you can also see more details on licensing types.

3. Documentation

  • Upload here the User Guide and other documentation necessary or helpful for the Content implementation/usage.
  • Please use this sample user guide template or input the link to the website where you are hosting your documentation. The installation guide needs to be in a PDF/Word/txt/.me format containing all the necessary steps for the installation of the Content. The User Guide needs to be in a PDF/Word/txt/.me file containing the Content usage details. Add as many How To’s as possible. Explain every usage step. Include input and output arguments. Include images wherever applicable.
  • The title of the automation in the guides should be the same as the listing title on Marketplace.
  • We recommend adding a link to online documentation as this way you can ensure that users have access to up-to-date guides.

4. Support

Enter the contact details of the Company that will offer support for this Content and the applicable support agreement:

  • Supported by Publisher

    • Email address of the account where the support requests can be sent
    • Website – applicable only if the Company owns a ticketing platform (eg. Contact Us tickets)
    • SLAs – eg. Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM CET; Response time: 2 days; Resolution time: 10 days
  • Community Support

    • The support for this Content will be assured on a best-effort basis by you or other Marketplace users.
    • Users who need assistance will have to access the Content page and click on Community Support in the Support section. They will be redirected to the Forum Marketplace Support page where they can post the issue. Each time a reply is added to the post the user will be notified.
    • Once you’re done with this part too, please either Save As a Draft to make future changes or Submit if everything is ready.

After you submit your listing, you will see the following Thank You page that informs on the next steps your submission will undergo prior to it being published on the Marketplace.

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Submit a Ready-to-go Automation

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