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UiPath Marketplace Guide

24 May 2021

What's New

  • A new Product section has been added for a better match when searching for specific product listings.
  • Each Product selection has a correlated list of categories to narrow down the search results.


Marketplace Categories section is now improved for a more intuitive and simplified use. Some of the changes are:

  • Workflow Templates category has been renamed into Templates.
  • Dashboard, Developer Tool, and Demo categories have been merged into one Tool category.
  • Filtering has been improved, now showing on the top of the page what filter values are applied, and also a Cancel All button was added to reset only the filter selections.
  • Sorting option added allowing to order the listings by several criteria.

Create Listing form is redesigned and improved with step-by-step progress, a preview card listing, and a preview page feature.
Archived and Redirected components are now redirecting users to another similar component that can be used.

  • Users can now submit automation ideas via the Automation Ideas Board available in the footer
  • Publishers can now declare the runtime platform on which the listing was created, available also in the details page.

Fixed Bugs

  • Job title was not saved and displayed after setting it in User Profile.

Updated about a month ago

May 2021

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