UiPath Marketplace

UiPath Marketplace Guide

April 2021

20 April 2021

Fixed Bugs

  • Creating an account using Japanese characters was causing an error that prevented finishing the account setup.

14 April 2021

Fixed Bug

  • Search results and listing features were not working properly when Marketplace was accessed on Safari OS.

6 April 2021

What's New

  • The listing page is now displaying related items.


  • Marketplace listing is now displaying 15 cards per page.
  • Marketplace API is now listing media file paths more simplistically.
  • Requests from users who wish to archive a published listing, will now go through a review process from the curators.
  • Improved navigation in the listing page with additional filter options and pagination.
  • Improved visibility around the listing catalog availability by displaying the listing count when searching and filtering
  • Consistent admins and contributors permissions within the organization.
  • Terminology from the notifications events aligned with the one used in the platform

Fixed Bugs

  • A pop-up was not showing, informing the user that leaving a second review in the listing details screen is not permitted.
  • Some listings weren't showing up in UiPath Marketplace search results.
  • When publishing as an admin, a listing was not saved if the Additional Language was toggled on and off.
  • Text for Overview and Benefits section was not translated when changing the language to Japanese.
  • Download counter on cards was not in sync with the one in details page.
  • Curate Organization website URL was not saved after submission.
  • Description links from Marketplace Bundles were not shown in overview, without a page refresh.
  • Tags not displayed when changing the language to Japanese.

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April 2021

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