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Register a Business Profile

A Business Profile allows you to publish content on behalf of your employer company, your contractor (or similar) company, yourself as a one-person company. Furthermore, publishing from a Business Profile provides you with a competitive advantage as these listings are:


Before starting the Business Profile registration, you need to already have a user account created using your business email address.

Become a Business Publisher

  1. Access your account on the Marketplace page.
  2. At the top right of the homepage, click on the Publisher Account tab and select the Create a Business Profile option.
  1. Fill in the following sections:
    1. Logo [Optional]: add a visual representation of your Organization.
    2. Organization Name [Mandatory]: this field will be prefilled with the cloud organization name created at sign up. It can be modified though.
    3. Organization Address [Mandatory]: indicate where your Organization is geographically registered/located.
    4. Apartment, Suite, Other [Optional]
    5. Website [Mandatory]: place the link to the website of your Organization.
    6. About us [Mandatory]: write a short description of what your organization is about, what your mission is, and what services you can provide.
  2. Provider Type [Mandatory]: Select your status from the list:
  • UiPath Business Partner - you should have a corresponding agreement signed with UiPath.
  • UiPath Technology Partner - you should have a corresponding agreement signed with UiPath.
  • Independent Vendor - you want to have an Organization profile but you do not have a partnership in place with UiPath.
  1. LinkedIn [Optional]: Place the link to the LinkedIn profile of your Organization.

Also, please make sure to fill in the Contact Info:




  • It is critical to provide all mandatory information requested in order to allow UiPath to verify and authorize your request.
  • All the submissions undergo a curation process before being approved.
  • In case of incomplete, incorrect, or misleading information, your request is rejected.
  • UiPath reserves the right to inform your organization of any unauthorized request received.
  • Please refer to the Prepare Necessary Assets for an Organization page for quick and easy ways of setting up everything needed.

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Register a Business Profile

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