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SEO Optimization for Listings

In simple terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) represents one of the most popular tactics to increase your ranking on search engines' results. This is eventually leading to more organic traffic for your webpage in the long run. There are multiple ways to improve the SEO strategy for your listing, but in this guide, we mention the most accessible ones.

For a higher ranking on external search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.), you can:

Research Keywords Using Google Search Console

Keyword search results help you find listings that are relevant to your own research interests. Conversely, you need to select appropriate keywords or phrases (“long-tail keywords” – usually 3 words) to use in your work in order to increase visibility.

:white-check-mark: Keywords should represent key automation concepts.
:white-check-mark: Keywords should be descriptive.
:white-check-mark: Keywords should reflect a collective understanding of the listing.
:white-check-mark: Limit keywords/phrases to 1-3 items.
:white-check-mark: Use synonyms of keywords throughout.
:white-check-mark: Reuse keywords and phrases throughout the listing body copy.

Add a Relevant Title

Select the most relevant title for your listing. What would someone be searching for when they're looking for a listing like yours? That is the keyword you should be targeting Use that phrase as well as variations throughout the Title.

Provide a Unique and Detailed Listing Description

Google wants thorough content that will give visitors 100% of the information they would need in one place. To help the users find relevant listings at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages, the search algorithms tend to evaluate the uniqueness, originality, and relevance of the listing page.

In this case, you should draft a unique and detailed description for each one of your listings and naturally use the most relevant keyword(s) into that description body copy.

Invest in Quality Images, Image Descriptions, and Other Media Files

The screenshots and icons you use for the listings are key. Those elements are the most important factors to drive conversions. Spiders can only search text, not text in the images, which is why you need to make the words associated with the file images and other media files as descriptive as possible with the most relevant keyword for that listing.

Promote your Listing Page

Promote your work for all the world to see. Link to your portfolio, sets, and images from your personal website and in your favorite creative RPA/automation forums, and share it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social networks you use.

Avoid Duplicating Information and Keywords

In all the text you write, make sure that the information is accurate, logical, and doesn’t repeat itself. Also, make sure not to overuse the keywords. Insert them only in a natural consistent way.



When it comes to the UiPath Marketplace’s ranking algorithm, it is based on the relevance of the listing’s title, description, and tags.

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SEO Optimization for Listings

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