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Reviews & Questions

The reviews and questions posted for your listings are very important as they represent an alternative source of information that the audience is using when deciding if a listing is meeting their needs.

Having strong social proof like a high number of reviews or high ratings can lead to having a direct positive impact on the download rate of the listing. Additionally, reviews are a great source for insights and recommendations that can help you improve your content.

Don’t hesitate to promote your content within the RPA community or your own personal network and encourage users to try it out and post a review.

:books: Check out this one-pager on How to write a review that matters.

The question section is a useful way to show your potential users that there is a high level of support offered for the listing and no error, use case, problem, or curiosity are left unanswered. Make sure you monitor and respond to questions. If a user is reporting an issue or requires additional details, consider including links to other resources that might help.

Get More Visible on the Marketplace

To bring more visibility to every Marketplace Partner's content we have a series of marketing activities where we highlight the most recent and promising content and bring it forward to our users.

BundlesThey represent the way we sort and group valuable content around a common topic or integration for example Amazon Web Services, Excel, A Robot for Every Person, etc.

A user can easily find your listing even without intentionally searching for it by its title.
Marketing CampaignsWe are regularly running social media postings, email/newsletter campaigns, blog posts, and many other marketing initiatives in regard to the Marketplace content.

Your content is promoted through different channels.

The general criteria we are looking at when featuring a listing are the following:

  • The listing meets our Publishing and Technical Standards;
  • The listing represents an in-demand topic or solves a wider significant problem;
  • The listing gains popularity among our users in a short time after publishing.

Leverage your Network

Among other elements, we are using social proof and the voice of our users to highlight valuable content. We advise you to think about other ways to share and promote your content outside the Marketplace as well. The channels can vary from your own website or social media channels, for example, Linkedin, Facebook, or Youtube, or relevant industry forums. You can start right away by using our UiPath Forum in the Marketplace content category.

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Promote your Content

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