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Occasionally it can take a lot of time to actually make up your mind and decide what it is that you want to submit as your new Marketplace listing. We understand this issue. That’s why we are planning on having a pipeline of ideas where you can tag the most appealing one and start working on it.

In the meantime, before it’s implemented, we strongly recommend you to do the following before converting your idea into a code:

  1. do an analysis of the Marketplace to find what is already present there;
  2. search using relevant keywords and categories;
  3. find the closest matching listings;
  4. go through their reviews and unanswered questions.

This may help you understand existent gaps and the needs that you may address. We are convinced that this initial time spent on planning will give added value to your future listings.

Updated 4 months ago

Pick up In-Demand Content

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